Thanks for the interest in our recent competition, just to let you know, we will be running a new competition every couple of weeks, over the next few months with the same prize money.  We are running these competitions to highlight the fact that safety procedures in Ireland do not comply with International Safety Standards in the electrical activity.  As a consequence, power-line workers are exposed to unnecessary risk of death and injury.

Despite using specified safety procedures, workers are being electrocuted.  For example: electrocution has occurred while climbing a wet wooden pole, electrocution has occurred while working on a “dead and earthed” power line, electrocution has occurred while opening a gate to a transformer compound, electrocution has occurred while working in the vicinity of a machine that accidentally touched a live power line,  electrocution has occurred while closing an air-break switch on to a faulty line and electrocution has occurred where the procedures and equipment were not fit for purpose.  Yet, despite all the evidence that current “safety procedures” will not protect our workers, we continue to use them in Ireland every day.  Tynagh Networks offer scientific proof to support our view that current safety procedures in Ireland do not protect power-line workers.

The challenge is to prove us wrong, because if we are right, it shows little regard for the lives of power-line workers.

Looking forward to our new offer on Monday 19th of March

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