Industrial Electrical Safety Equipment & Products
ISO 9001:2008 Quality System

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Tools and component for electrical installation on metal surface


Safeline” is a specialised, unique and patented product to Tynagh Network Systems. It is designed to earth and short-circuit all types of electrical installations and is individually tailored and customised to customers requirements. Tynagh Network Systems are the sole suppliers of “Safeline” earthing and short-circuiting systems to E.S.B.



Powerline” is a product range designed for use by electrical utilities and contractors in overhead powerline construction and underground cabling installations. Product range includes equipment for pulling, lifting, stringing, tensioning, jointing, terminations, cable pulling lubricant, degreases and Bitumen remover wipes.


Tynagh Network Systems carry a full range of high quality Personal Protective Equipment. Products including work wear, Hi-Vis clothing, rainwear, boots, gloves and helmets. Tynagh also carry a range of PPE suitable for the Forestry Industry including leggings, jackets, helmets, gloves, boots and waterless anti bacterial wipes.

Climbing Equipment

Tynagh Network Systems offer a full range of climbing equipment for poles and towers including body harness, wrap and spur climbers, climbing belts and fall arrest equipment. Tynagh also offer a full range of climbing and safety equipment specifically designed for the Construction and Forestry industry.

Please click on the headings to the Right or use ‘search’ to find what you need.

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